EdM, MHC 2020

Advanced Clinical Intern

After getting a BA in Arts and following a career in photography, Nathalie pursued her passion for psychology. She received her BA degrees doing a double major in Psychology and English Language Teaching, from Istanbul Bilgi University, in Turkey, graduating with magna cum laude. She is continuing her education in Mental Health Counseling, at Teachers College, Columbia University, pursuing a Master’s in Education, in New York.

Nathalie has worked with the Hadi Movement as a volunteer in Turkey, as a counselor to young adults who dealt with life transition, academic concerns and LGBTQ youth in who felt left out and repressed by the presence of an oppressive religious government, in Turkey. She has experience working with both young adults and adults. She also has experience working in the liaison psychiatry clinic (ÇAPA State Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey), where the major focus was differential diagnosis. She loves working with cognitive behavioral therapy as it has a significant power towards assisting individuals understand themselves better, and contributes symptom-relief. Nathalie thinks that therapy brings growth and relief to clients and gives space to individuals for better problem-solving skills in various areas of their lives.