Despite the rise of a larger discussion around mental health in recent years, some stigma around getting the help you may need still seems to exist. At Citron Hennessey Mental Health Counselors, we believe the first step to overcoming that stigma comes from building an understanding of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Since CBT is one of the most commonly practiced forms of mental health counseling in the modern world, a basic understanding of it goes a long way toward defeating the stigma around mental health and the suffering in our lives. Read on to learn about CBT and maybe discover how cognitive behavioral therapy from a licensed professional could help you in your own life.

CBT Defined

Psychology Today defines CBT as, “A form of psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts.” CBT has mountains of evidential backing and can help patients with problems as simple as balancing work stress or problems as difficult as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Essentially, this means that CBT uses empirically tested methods to help patients identify and overcome potentially harmful thoughts and behaviors.

Cognitive behavioral therapy typically involves a patient and a mental health professional sitting down and talking. The mental health professional uses their skills to identify some thoughts or behaviors that might be harmful to the patient. They then use their expertise to help the patient overcome these potentially harmful thoughts or behaviors and build beneficial habits or practices in place of them.

At Citron Hennessey Mental Health Counselors, we devote ourselves to staying at the front line of mental health research so that our patients get the best treatment the modern world can give. Our counselors are dedicated to giving evidence-based therapy services. We strive to give residents of Midtown Manhattan access to effective mental health counseling in a private setting.

What CBT Is Not

The current stigma around mental health discussions seems to partially arise from the impression that all mental health counseling is like the psychoanalysis that arose around the start of the 20th century. While that form of therapy has its place, CBT is quite different from those classic conceptions of mental health counseling.

The beauty of CBT comes from its focus on solutions, rather than past mistakes or events. If a person chooses to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy at Citron Hennessey Mental Health Counselors, then improving the life and level of happiness of that person becomes the goal of our team. We use CBT to help us identify practical ways in which we can help our patients take steps towards improving their lives.

At its core, cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based form of therapy used to provide patients with practical solutions. It is used to make people feel better and live fuller lives. We pride ourselves on using our expertise in CBT to personalize practical solutions for the people in Midtown Manhattan.

Who CBT Is For

Now, you may be wondering, who is CBT right for? CBT can help people from a variety of cultures and strokes of life. The evidential backing of cognitive behavioral therapy shows that it can be helpful to people with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, PTSD, and body image concerns. The evidence shows that CBT certainly helps people dealing with these things. Additionally, it can also prove extremely beneficial to people who feel like they are going through simpler life issues. CBT helps us make positive changes to the way we interact with the world and the people around us.

So, maybe you are feeling overwhelmed at work, facing difficulties with balancing relationships and life, or simply feeling down on yourself. No matter the issue, utilizing CBT (by taking some time to talk with a mental health counselor) could help.

If you are a resident of Midtown Manhattan and you feel like you could benefit from CBT, feel free to give us a call. Remember that pain is part of life, but suffering is optional.