Damien earned a BA (Vanderbilt) and PhD (CUNY Graduate Center) in Philosophy, and taught Philosophy in the CUNY system. He moved into the corporate world, providing research for Fortune 500 companies for several years. Seeking a more gratifying career, Damien determined to become a psychotherapist, and earned his MA in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from NYU. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, and was honored with multiple awards for his leadership, and commitment to serving persons with disabilities. He completed his internship at the Rusk Rehabilitation Institute, assisting persons dealing with life-changing events in rethinking their identities and vocations.

Damien’s greatest influences in his approach to counseling psychology are Alfred Adler, Albert Ellis, Ancient Greek Philosophy, and Existentialism. He is trained in person-centered therapy and believes that the fundamental core of successful therapy is a therapeutic alliance based on mutual respect and trust. Damien uses his varied experiences and academic training to help clients to flourish via improving critical thinking, goal setting, and problem solving, as well in developing a better understanding of the nature and usefulness of emotions. He has particular interest in issues surrounding identity, anxiety, stress, trauma, and physical disability.