What is the cost of therapy?

Your out-of-pocket costs will depend on who you see, and your insurance coverage. If you are without insurance or if your insurance is limited, we will make every effort to work with you to find the best care.

What about insurance?

We accept most out of network and PPO plans including Aetna, Cigna, United, GHI, and others. We offer a concierge service to help check mental health benefits with your insurance provider to determine any out-of-network services you may have. We check your benefits, file your claims, and collect reimbursements on your behalf. Because we are not in-network providers, we are able to offer our clinicians competitive salaries, allowing us to attract the best talent in our sector. This also allows us to maintain a greater level of confidentiality with your medical records – In-network providers are required to share more information with your insurance company; we are free to keep your notes completely private. We want to help you get the care you need. Just give us a call, or email us and our friendly concierge will let you know your benefits and any out of pocket costs to you.

Do you offer sliding scale?

Yes! We offer services with senior clinicians, staff therapists and advanced clinical interns. Our office would be happy to discuss rates with you.

Do you offer biweekly sessions?

No. We want to give you the very best care. Studies show that therapy is most effective if you see your therapist weekly. Bi-weekly sessions don’t offer the same benefits or best care and we don’t want to waste your time or money. Bi-weekly sessions are usually reserved for clients who have been in therapy consistently on a weekly basis for the amount of time required to reach their goals and who want maintenance sessions to help ease the transition to leaving therapy altogether.