How Does Online Therapy Work?

With the help of modern technology, we have the ability to move many of our interpersonal interactions online. More people than ever before are working online, enrolling in online school, and having counseling sessions online. There are certainly benefits to in-person interactions when it comes to therapy, but online therapy offers much of the personal touch inherent traditional therapy. When it is more convenient to meet digitally, or in times when you are unable to leave the home for any reason, online therapy is a valuable and necessary tool to continue therapy sessions, often when you need them the most. Especially during the midst of the current coronavirus scare, online therapy provides a valuable tool to both parties in keeping personal contact to a minimum.

We are proud to offer this adaptation to our clients, and when you choose Citron Hennessey Private Therapy you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re choosing some of the most qualified therapists in New York City. A common concern with online therapy is ensuring the online therapists are licensed, and as qualified as they claim. This is not a concern with us, as our entire Manhattan-based team is rigorously trained and supervised. For more information about us and our qualifications, view this page.

Our team utilizes the Doxy video conferencing platform for our teletherapy services. This platform is easy to use and is highly trusted when it comes to safety and security. Even with online therapy, you are able to have the same trust of confidentiality and security that is offered within the walls of our office. With a working microphone and webcam, you will be able to meet face-to-face with your therapist to either start or continue your counseling sessions like normal.