Senior Therapist

Following a successful career in documentary film production, Daniel decided to use his passion for listening to and understanding people’s stories for the betterment of their well-being. He is devoted to helping people understand how the narratives that we create of our lives affect our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and how we can change this narrative for the better. He uses an integrated approach to therapy to work with individuals and couples to see how their past experiences inform the way they think; and how those patterns of thinking can then be changed and accepted to improve their lives and their relationships.

Daniel specializes in working with trauma, depression, and anxiety. He has worked in East Africa with refugees, survivors of torture, and victims of sexually based violence. In addition to his work in Global Mental Health, he is particularly interested in areas of identity, gender and sexuality, self-acceptance and body image. Daniel strongly believes that the most important aspect of therapy is the counseling relationship, as well as in positive psychology and strength-based approaches to therapy.

Daniel has a BFA in Film and Television Production from New York University and an MA in Mental Health Counseling from City College of New York. He is the Student Representative on the board of the New York Mental Health Counselors Association, and a member of the American Counseling Association. He has volunteered with the Ali Forney Center, an LGBTQ+ homeless youth shelter in New York City. He is trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, Multicultural Counseling, and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

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