Advanced Clinical Trainee

Before becoming a therapist, Kate worked within the philanthropy, advocacy, and marketing fields. However, a long-held curiosity about human behavior and a desire to work more directly with people motivated her to shift her focus to counseling. She is currently completing her Master of Arts (MA) degree in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling at New York University.

Integrating behavioral, psychodynamic, and relational-cultural approaches in her practice, Kate works to identify unhelpful, well-worn thought patterns causing current discomfort while also exploring past experiences that may influence present feelings. Her approach to therapy is collaborative, strengths-based, and solutions-focused, navigating challenges in lockstep with her clients.

Equal parts warm and direct, Kate is intentional about creating a therapeutic space free from judgment where her clients will be both supported and challenged on their path to living a healthier, more balanced life. She welcomes clients from all backgrounds and identities, and she is particularly interested in working with clients who are navigating issues around anxiety, depression, relationships, personal and professional motivation, and life transitions.

Outside of work, you can find Kate trying her hand at a new recipe in the kitchen, creating far too many dishes to clean in the process.

Other Staff Members

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