Senior Therapist

Mack is a first generation Haitian American and native New Yorker. He holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Clinical Psychology from Columbia University’s Teachers College. A former Actor and Teaching Artist, Mack‘s interest in mental health started in New York City schools, teaching social and emotional behavioral skills to at-risk youth.

Mack uses a holistic, creative and collaborative approach with his clients, ranging from person centered, CBT, DBT and other empirical methods. He believes that healing is an ongoing process. “Clients are experts of self and I help them gain more insight on undiscovered paths of their journey.” Mack guides clients to explore topics not limited to trauma, depression, relationships and anxiety.

In his work with transient populations at Rikers Island and with court-involved youth in residential treatment facilities, Mack helped cultivate healthy coping and decision-making skills with young men of color. Through these experiences, Mack‘s interest lies in intergenerational trauma, multiculturalism, racial identity as it relates to black men and working with people of color to unpack social / emotional pressures of society.

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