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The stories we tell about ourselves and the stories we are told live within us and inform our identity. As a therapist, I aim to cultivate with you a space for your stories to be shared in a welcoming and supportive manner. Often our moments of adversity and crisis inspire the deeper voices within.

We are born as cultural beings. Influences from the past, present, and those experiences awaiting us, inform our identity and supply the impressions that constitute core elements of our psyche. Employing a relational cultural approach, we can explore the ingredients that comprise your unique identity. Through the cultivation of mutual understanding, acceptance, and trust, our therapeutic partnership can harness your resources and strengths and create a foundation for transformation.

I employ an empirically based therapeutic approach rooted in cognitive neuroscience, a cognitive-behavioral framework, mindfulness, and compassion. In this manner, the therapeutic encounter can become a crucible through which your potential can shine, and the artistry of therapy and self-healing take form.

Originally from New York, I grew up in an immigrant household living with multiple cultural identities. I have lived in London, Greece, and spent considerable time in India, where I studied mindfulness extensively.

At New York University, I acquired a BA with honors in psychology, which later evolved into a psychiatry research profession. My quest for understanding led me to investigate mindfulness practices informed by western and eastern traditions, often embedding myself in the teaching and practice communities. Finally, my journey brought me back to the NYU graduate counseling program and Citron Hennessey Therapy, where those experiences and practices can be rooted in a contemporary counseling context and more fully and precisely applied.Ultimately, I view mental health from a systems perspective that considers our various lived spheres of interaction – from our significant relationships to our community connections and even our global and ecological interconnectedness. Human connection and a holistic appreciation of our multidimensionality are the vital ingredients through which our therapeutic journey can foster dignity and continued well-being.

I enjoy hiking long journeys, including the 500-mile El Camino de Santiago and the E4 path from northern Greece to the Southern tip. I love art and have been an avid Metropolitan Museum of Art visitor and dreamer since my youth. Reading and essential works of literature have been my allies throughout my life. Also, I love the beach.

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