1. Blame and Responsibility

    In his book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy, cognitive behavioral therapist David Burns identifies several cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are patterns of thinking that are false or inaccurate and have the potential to cause psychological distress. One of the distortions that Burns discussed was personalization – the act of blaming ourselves for something that is not within our c…Read More

  2. Unplug From Technology and Plug Back Into Your Life

    When I have boarded the train every morning and evening lately, I’ve made a habit out of looking around me and noting how many people are on a device — cell phone, tablet, laptop, Kindle, anything at all. To no surprise, almost all passengers on the train are either looking at a screen or are wearing headphones. It’s a bit strange to me that not one conversation is had amongst strangers in a…Read More

  3. Taking Control of Satisfying Your Needs

    Every Valentine’s Day, we’re flooded with images of seemingly happy couples. For those of you who are single, or just don’t have a satisfying relationship of any kind whether that means a relationship with a friend, lover, family member, colleague, or even a pet, this is probably one of the several days out of the year where loneliness creeps up on you. When a sense of isolation sets in, you…Read More

  4. New Year’s Resolution: Getting Along With My Parents

    Over the last month or so, a number of my clients have discussed the challenges of navigating a relationship with their parents with me. I suspect that the recent holiday season and current political climate have a little something to do with these relational struggles surfacing. I thought it would be helpful to write about developing relationships with our parents as adults and how to cope with t…Read More

  5. Sync Your Relationship — Pace

    For my next few blog posts I will be doing a series about relationships and time, based on Peter Fraenkel’s book Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage: Four Steps to Getting Back on Track. If you would like to learn more about marriage or relationship counseling services in Manhattan, then please contact Citron Hennessey. Pacing Your Relationship While there are many important factors that …Read More

  6. Resolve to Make It Count

    The New Year is right around the corner, connoting renewal and resolutions to make positive changes. Why is it that we wait for the first of the year to reflect upon and intentionally make changes in our lives? What are we doing during the other eleven months? Many individuals seek therapy because something feels “off.” Figuring out the “what” becomes part of the therapeutic work. At Citro…Read More


    “Sorry, can’t make it today. Let’s plan something soon.” How many times have you received this text or one of its variations from a friend canceling plans once again? We all have that friend (or have sometimes been that friend) that cancels plans more often than following through with them. If you’re of the lucky few who haven’t experienced this, maybe you know someone who has. When th…Read More


    Your head is an intricate radio station. Think of your ears as a pair of sophisticated antennas and your mouth as a transmitter. When engaged, they exchange signals with the world around you. They were specially designed to receive and send messages to and from other people. — At the root of almost every conflict between human beings is a fault in communication. Surely, this will not be the firs…Read More