1. an assortment of healthy foods, such as fruits and nuts

    Nutrition and Mental Health

    “Let food be thy medicine" — Hippocrates As with our physical health, our body—and what we put into it—is responsible for much of our mental health. How we feel and what we think depends, in part, on how well the system of our body functions. When emotional, behavioral, or psychological issues arise, our body or mind gives us warning signs in the form of symptoms, and we may seek counselin…Read More

  2. Getting the Help You Deserve: How to Prepare for Your First Counseling Session

    When it comes to counseling services, one of the biggest hurdles many people face is preparing for their first session. This is especially true in Manhattan, where everyone is busy pursuing their dreams and keeping up with a life that never seems to stop moving. It can be difficult to take time to change for the better amidst this chaos. At Citron Hennessey, we try to make it easy for our patients…Read More

  3. Work With What’s Right in Front of You

    My clinical work in Manhattan is flourishing with clients who live in their heads. They are anxious or depressed, and they are trapped in the middle of their thinking mind. It’s the worst sort of imprisonment. I know; I’ve been there. The mind of an anxious and/or depressed person tends to do an overly efficient job by thinking of all the things that have gone wrong (or could go wrong), in ord…Read More

  4. Olympic Fever

    I am so excited about the Winter Olympic Games. While I’m not an avid sports fan, I feel we owe it to these dedicated, passionate, and extremely gifted athletes to pay attention to what they’re doing. Beyond the sheer physical strength and stamina that’s necessary for these athletes to arrive at the Olympic Games, I’m also impressed by their psychological capacity to handle the stress of i…Read More

  5. How to Accept Parents That Don’t Accept You

    The LGBTQ+ community has made unprecedented strides in gaining rights over the past years, and acceptance of the community has also increased in that time. The vast majority of young people today believe in the equal dignity of gay people. Yet this belies the fact that there are still many whose parents don’t accept their sexuality. Being rejected by your family because of who you are can be an …Read More

  6. New Year’s Resolution: Getting Along With My Parents

    Over the last month or so, a number of my clients have discussed the challenges of navigating a relationship with their parents with me. I suspect that the recent holiday season and current political climate have a little something to do with these relational struggles surfacing. I thought it would be helpful to write about developing relationships with our parents as adults and how to cope with t…Read More

  7. On Music and Healing

    The use of music as a healing approach can be traced all the way back to the origins of the human species. Prehistoric healers across cultures used specific drumming patterns to induce mental states such as trance and relaxation. Music used in a healing context is evident in biblical scriptures and historical writings of ancient civilizations including those in the Americas, Egypt, China, India, G…Read More

  8. Sync Your Relationship — Pace

    For my next few blog posts I will be doing a series about relationships and time, based on Peter Fraenkel’s book Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage: Four Steps to Getting Back on Track. If you would like to learn more about marriage or relationship counseling services in Manhattan, then please contact Citron Hennessey. Pacing Your Relationship While there are many important factors that …Read More

  9. Resolve to Make It Count

    The New Year is right around the corner, connoting renewal and resolutions to make positive changes. Why is it that we wait for the first of the year to reflect upon and intentionally make changes in our lives? What are we doing during the other eleven months? Many individuals seek therapy because something feels “off.” Figuring out the “what” becomes part of the therapeutic work. At Citro…Read More