1. Everyone Wants a Break

    With the holidays and the end of the year upon us, everyone wants a break. We’re tired. 2017 was a difficult, intense year for many of us personally and for Americans collectively as well. The mental health counselors at Citron Hennessey come across many people in Manhattan who want to take a break. Read on to learn more about how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you reframe your mind…Read More

  2. On Music and Healing

    The use of music as a healing approach can be traced all the way back to the origins of the human species. Prehistoric healers across cultures used specific drumming patterns to induce mental states such as trance and relaxation. Music used in a healing context is evident in biblical scriptures and historical writings of ancient civilizations including those in the Americas, Egypt, China, India, G…Read More

  3. Resolve to Make It Count

    The New Year is right around the corner, connoting renewal and resolutions to make positive changes. Why is it that we wait for the first of the year to reflect upon and intentionally make changes in our lives? What are we doing during the other eleven months? Many individuals seek therapy because something feels “off.” Figuring out the “what” becomes part of the therapeutic work. At Citro…Read More


    The cold weather has finally set in, the days are shorter, and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s that time of year. For many, this time of year brings feelings of warmth, joy, and connection to loved ones. For the rest of us, feelings of financial stress and the crushing devastation that our family will never be the one we saw in the famous Rockwell painting will make its yearly app…Read More


    For better or for worse, the digital age has brought us immediate access to seemingly infinite amounts of information and access to a gargantuan amount of goods and services. You only have to stand in the toothpaste section of any major pharmacy to see a sectional representation of the plethora of choices a consumer is faced with everyday. The explosive relationship between the internet, the free …Read More


    The process of finding a therapist can be daunting. Whether you are considering therapy or you are merely curious to learn more about its nature, this post will discuss important factors to consider when searching for a therapist. There are hundreds of therapists out there, each specializing in a wide variety of different approaches. Oftentimes, the reasons behind the desire to consult a therapist…Read More