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Citron Hennessey Therapy was founded in 2015 by two friends, Ben and Len, who trained as counselors after previous successful careers in art and finance. Between us we have many years of experience in the field having run award-winning non-profit clinics and worked as adjunct professors, trainers and lecturers. Benet is Director Emeritus of ‘The Institute for Human Identity’, and Leonard is a Fellow of ‘The Albert Ellis Institute’. Recognizing a need for a welcoming, modern, evidence-based practice, we decided to improve the client experience and drag therapy out of the past, by taking what worked when we were training and improving upon the rest. We wanted our client experience to be underpinned by the latest technology, the highest calibre clinicians, integrated support, and a person-centred approach that really cares.

The real success of good therapy lies with the therapists and the quality of the therapeutic relationship. Our clinicians undergo a rigorous selection process and we train them beyond best practice – and continue training them for as long as they are part of our team. By providing access to first-class clinicians either online or in person, we put the power of change into your hands.

To make accessing therapy less stressful we made sure to utilize the latest secure technology, providing efficient booking and messaging, online sessions, and automated billing. Consistent, quality care is ensured through our industry leading digital health record platform.

Finally, we recognize the importance of personal service and aim to provide an individual person-centred approach that really cares. We trust that should you choose us to help, you will find treatment at Citron Hennessey that is accessible, seamless, comfortable and potentially life-changing.

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