Issues & Questions of Identity


Growing up lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ+) in a society where heterosexuality is the norm, can present many significant challenges.

These challenges may result from childhood or adolescent struggles around feeling “different.” Our team of New York-based counselors have expertise in helping people overcome these challenges and become happier in their lives.

How a person expresses their gender or sexual orientation can significantly impact their life. The fact they belong to a minority can be a source of distress or anxiety, leading to the need to seek an LGBT therapist. NYC, (and in particular Citron Hennessey Therapy) thankfully, has specialists who are experts in providing support to the LGBT community.

The skills provided by an LGBT therapist that NYC residents can learn include: 

  • How to handle and cope with coming out to one’s family
  • Building and expressing an “authentic” self-identity
  • How to manage depression, angst, and anxiety related to identity
  • How to treat substance abuse, as well as other mental health concerns  

The need for an LGBT therapist in NYC for young people who identify within the LGBTQ+ community is at an all-time high. Research has proven that young people are significantly more likely to commit self-harm or show signs of suicidal tendencies. These factors prove especially true if they suffer from discrimination due to their identity.

Many LGBTQ+ people have an internalized shame which can affect the sense of self, interactions with the world, and relationships. With significant experience and training in addressing the needs of the LGBTQ+ population, clinicians at Citron Hennessey are qualified to address the challenges they face. Some challenges we can assist with include: the coming-out process, anxiety, depression, substance use, relationship issues, compulsive internet use, workplace issues, and discrimination. We also offer gay couples therapy in NYC that will help with relationship issues specific to the LGBTQ+ community. Be mentally prepared when you come out with the best therapists for anxiety.

How to Find an LGBTQ+ Therapist Near Me

Finding LGBTQ+ therapists in NYC may feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be if you know where to begin. Here’s how you can find the right therapist for you.

Ask About Client Focus and Specialties

As you begin your search for LGBTQ+ therapy in NYC, you want to pay close attention to the specialties the therapist handles. Some therapists are well-versed in gender identity topics and issues, while others have more experience in other aspects of LGBTQ+ life like family and relationships.
When starting LGBTQ+ therapy, consider whether you want individual therapy, couples counseling, or group therapy. If you need help with a relationship, look for a gay couples therapy NYC expert.

Licensing and Certifications

The therapist you choose must have the proper licenses and certifications to practice in New York. The level of training the therapist has completed can determine the type of responsibilities they have and what counseling services they can offer.

Research LGBTQ+ Counseling Options

Do some research into the type of therapies available for queer people to see which options suit your needs best. If you need sexual orientation-affirming therapy, for example, there are therapeutic modalities that can be more successful than others, including gender-affirmative therapy.

Consider Gay Therapists in NYC

Although it is not a requirement to be part of the community to offer LGBTQ+ counseling, it can be helpful. You may feel more comfortable speaking about your personal experiences with an LGBTQ+ community member. Someone outside of the LGBTQ+ community may not understand exactly what your lived experiences have been like. If you live in NYC, gay therapists who also live in this hustling and bustling city will be able to relate to and help with several aspects of your life.

Ask Questions

When choosing LGBTQ+ therapy NYC specialists, ask lots of questions. Enquire about how long they have been providing help as well as what the treatment process can be like for the issues you face.

It is also important to ask about their thoughts on orientation, gender identity, and similar topics. You want to be sure that you feel safe when you attend your sessions and that you will not be triggered by the therapist. Professionals will always be ready to answer your questions. If the answers are not clear or if you sense evasiveness, choose another LGBTQ+ therapy expert.

Turn to Citron Hennessey

Citron Hennessey can connect you with the gay counseling expert you need. We provide a variety of therapy options and therapists with years of experience serving the LGBTQ+ community. Simply answer a few questions about the type of help you need, whether you want individual or group therapy, and when you would like to have therapy, and we will match you with the right person. Stop searching “gay therapists near me” and book your consultation with Citron Hennessey today.

What to Expect in LGBTQ+ Therapy

Once you have found a therapist, you’ll attend a consultation or first session.

This first session of LGBTQ+ therapy will focus on getting to know your therapist and allowing your therapist to ask questions about your life, get a sense of your goals, and determine whether they can help you on your mental health journey.

During this first meeting (and often restated in their paperwork), LGBTQ+ therapists in NYC will clearly state what their confidentiality policy is and what can cause them to break it. You can ask as many questions about their policies as you’d like so that you feel comfortable moving forward.
Your therapist will also give you an idea of what you can expect from the treatment process. They’ll tell you about the therapeutic modalities they rely on, how they approach certain topics, and more.

Your therapist will help you prepare for the time between sessions, as well. They may specify whether they will give you homework or encourage you to practice relaxation exercises.