Why Us ?

There are many great therapists in New York.
We aim to be better.

Find Your Therapist

Our client relationships and the quality of our treatment is everything to us.

We run our practice based on these values:
Fair Pricing

Our fees align with FAIRHealth (an independent non-profit regulatory organization).

Client Satisfaction

Over 94% of clients report being ‘completely satisfied’ with their treatment.

Quality Control

We work hard to get you the right fit in a therapist and you can speak to us at any time regarding the progress of your care.


Through our wide network we offer access to a variety of specialists, psychiatrists, NP’s and further expert referrals where appropriate.


Citron Hennessey is an accredited training provider for many of the leading NY graduate schools and the founders have experience in running award winning practices, teaching and presenting.


We utilize modern evidence-based, results-oriented therapy that has been demonstrated to be effective.

Their offices are more like a high end spa retreat than what I imagined a therapists office would look like!

They contacted my insurance and made it SO much easier for me.

Online therapy has been a game changer and allowed me to continue getting the help (I now know) I need.