Change For The Better

Jody Ripplinger

Growth inevitably requires change. No matter how hard we try, things never stay the same. Sometimes we avoid change and sometimes we embrace it. People change, relationships change and organizations change…

Citron Hennessey is pleased to announce our new offices at 148 Madison Avenue.

Our goal in therapy is to help you upgrade your operating system by changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Our goal in moving is to provide a comfortable, private and supportive environment for that to happen.

While we aim to facilitate the move as seamlessly as possible, change, even for the better – is often challenging, potentially scary and usually involves a period of adjustment. So please bear with us during this transition. We think you will love the new space.

We encourage and embrace change. Change for the better is what Citron Hennessey is all about. We thank you for choosing us and trusting us with your mental health needs.

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