1. Getting the Love You Desire

    Love is all around — or so they say. It seems everyone is coupled up this Valentine’s Day. But whether you’re in a two-some or going at it alone, there’s one element to having a Valentine’s Day that promises a day full of love. Self-love is the key ingredient that can make any relationship, especially the one with yourself, even stronger and more vibrant so that you can consistently feel…Read More

  2. How to Accept Parents That Don’t Accept You

    The LGBTQ+ community has made unprecedented strides in gaining rights over the past years, and acceptance of the community has also increased in that time. The vast majority of young people today believe in the equal dignity of gay people. Yet this belies the fact that there are still many whose parents don’t accept their sexuality. Being rejected by your family because of who you are can be an …Read More

  3. Sync Your Relationship — Pace

    For my next few blog posts I will be doing a series about relationships and time, based on Peter Fraenkel’s book Sync Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage: Four Steps to Getting Back on Track. If you would like to learn more about marriage or relationship counseling services in Manhattan, then please contact Citron Hennessey. Pacing Your Relationship While there are many important factors that …Read More

  4. Resolve to Make It Count

    The New Year is right around the corner, connoting renewal and resolutions to make positive changes. Why is it that we wait for the first of the year to reflect upon and intentionally make changes in our lives? What are we doing during the other eleven months? Many individuals seek therapy because something feels “off.” Figuring out the “what” becomes part of the therapeutic work. At Citro…Read More


    The cold weather has finally set in, the days are shorter, and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s that time of year. For many, this time of year brings feelings of warmth, joy, and connection to loved ones. For the rest of us, feelings of financial stress and the crushing devastation that our family will never be the one we saw in the famous Rockwell painting will make its yearly app…Read More


    Your head is an intricate radio station. Think of your ears as a pair of sophisticated antennas and your mouth as a transmitter. When engaged, they exchange signals with the world around you. They were specially designed to receive and send messages to and from other people. — At the root of almost every conflict between human beings is a fault in communication. Surely, this will not be the firs…Read More


    For better or for worse, the digital age has brought us immediate access to seemingly infinite amounts of information and access to a gargantuan amount of goods and services. You only have to stand in the toothpaste section of any major pharmacy to see a sectional representation of the plethora of choices a consumer is faced with everyday. The explosive relationship between the internet, the free …Read More