Before studying to become a therapist, Jaquelyn worked as a Resident Director at a University and then in Human Resources. A common thread in her work in both the collegiate and corporate environments was what pulled her towards working as a therapist – the drive to understand others and help support their growth. Her experience in both these environments taught her the importance of having the tools to support mental health and wellness in a demanding work environment.

Her affinity to psychology and mental health care spans the length of her educational career as well. She has completed a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) in Biological Psychology from Wagner College. She then went on to complete her Masters of Art (M.A.) in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Clinical Related Services from Rider University. After a brief stint working in Higher Education and Human Resources, she is now pursuing an M.A. in Mental Health and Wellness from New York University.

Jaquelyn is committed to creating a safe therapeutic environment where her clients feel validated and empowered to create positive change. Ascribing to a Humanistic, Multicultural, and Feminist lens, she feels the most successful outcomes are rooted in a therapeutic alliance built on mutual respect and trust. Additionally, she believes therapy is best served when clients and counselors work collaboratively to support the client’s goals. Above all, Jaquelyn looks to provide individualized treatment to create an environment where her clients feel supported to thrive.

In her spare time, Jaquelyn likes to keep active with aerial yoga, relax with some fresh air in a park, or get creative with watercolor painting.

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