Having previously earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Psychology from the University of Delaware, Elena has always had a drive for working with others, a curiosity about why people do what they do, and a passion for normalizing mental health treatment as part of taking care of one’s overall well-being.

Originally from the island of Bermuda, Elena grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA where she attended an international school that shaped her perspective to be one informed through a global community approach. A caregiver by nature, she feels fulfilled from helping others to achieve their goals and believes therapy is about building upon the skills one already has to better navigate life’s challenges. She has Master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Counseling from Columbia University, her schoolwork has a social justice and multicultural focus that aligns with her goal of creating a therapeutic space that is open and accessible to all.

Elena aims to build a welcoming rapport with her clients, integrating various aspects of different theoretical techniques for a unique and collaborative relationship that has a foundation of person-centered, strengths-based values while working to create lasting and sustainable solutions.

In her free time Elena can usually be found walking around exploring different parts of the city, reading in the park, or trying to get tickets to the newest Broadway show.

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