I believe therapy is, at heart, a commitment to improving our most important relationship—our relationship with ourselves. Truly, this is the only relationship we’re guaranteed to have our entire lives. To me, therapy is where we can give this relationship the time and attention it deserves. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially when we’re struggling, but through therapy, we can learn to turn towards ourselves, even in our most challenging moments, with the same nonjudgmental compassion and kind encouragement we would offer a dear friend.

As a therapist, I love seeing the healing that happens as clients learn how to show up for themselves in this important way. I am warm, gentle, and endlessly curious, leading with self-acceptance to create a foundation for lasting change. To accelerate the healing process, I may incorporate techniques and teach you how to use tools from a number of modalities, but I will always consult with you and learn your goals and values before I dip into any particular toolbox. I am also an out queer therapist, and I have experience providing affirming care to LGBTQ+ clients.

I hold a BA in English from the University of Texas, an MA in English Education from Columbia Teachers College, and an MSEd in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College. I grew up in West Texas (think the TV show Friday Night Lights), escaped to Austin for college, then taught and studied in Shanghai and Beijing before settling in NYC and teaching in our city’s public schools for over a decade.

Providing acceptance and support to students who chose me as their confidant became my favorite part of the job, and ultimately, I followed this passion into a new career. As a therapist, I draw on many years of work with gloriously diverse populations, and I feel lucky to have found another job where I get to hear people’s stories and help them learn and grow.

In my free time, I enjoy training with kettlebells, fiddling around with yarn (I’ve got crochet down, but knitting is still quite the journey), and reading fiction and poetry.

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