The way we perceive our experiences greatly influences the ways in which we move through the world and live life. Perception is characterized by how we organize and interpret the world around us, however, we rarely organize and interpret our experiences objectively. Through therapy, we can process these experiences and explore how our perceptions inform our thought patterns, emotions and behavior. Through insight, we are able to acknowledge and address these patterns and work towards positive change. In doing so, we open ourselves up to living life with more satisfaction.

I aim to provide a safe space for self exploration, acceptance and personal development. I believe that successful therapeutic experiences are rooted within the alliance between client and therapist, which centers around trust, transparency and compassion. Through our collaboration, we will identify your goals and tailor treatment to meet each of your unique needs.

My own personal experiences and struggles with my mental health have led me to understand the importance of adequate support during difficult life challenges. My therapeutic style is integrative, drawing primarily from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and Psychodynamic Theory. The combination of these above theories allow for further exploration into the psychological and emotional components which drive human behavior. I received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology from Mercy College and completed my Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at NYU Steinhardt. I have clinical experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, which has demonstrated the benefits of using an evidence-based practice within my theoretical orientation.

What do you want your therapy experience to be? Let’s collaborate on a treatment plan that works best for you.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with my friends and family.

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