Senior Therapist

I enjoy and value our sessions and she always leaves me thinking about and processing things in new ways. I have seen strong progress on the issues I came to therapy to work out, and I would highly recommend her.

Alyson is such a great listener and you can tell she genuinely cares. wonderful bedside manner and always gives you something to think about after each session. She makes you feel comfortable and safe, and never judgmental.

She's super attentive and you can tell she listens to everything you say. She challenges me to look at my life from different points of view. She backs up her responses through different studies and research and it's apparent she has a passion for helping others.

My ultimate passion is helping folx to get more in alignment with who they really are and what they really want out of life. Depending on your background, you underwent a unique process of domestication, where the life “rules” weren’t always laid out explicitly, but nevertheless dictated if you would be loved and accepted amongst family, friends, and peers.

For some of my clients, the rules involved impossible beauty/body image standards which led to disordered thoughts and behaviors around food and eating. For other clients of mine, secure and healthy love wasn’t available from early attachment figures and so they learned to not need love and found other ways to cope. For some, those attachment wounds shape-shifted into workaholism and burnout with a strong need to succeed and do everything perfectly. For others, it looked like following what everyone else told them was “right” to do in regards to life decisions, but feeling confused and lost as to what really suits them.

If you are feeling stuck or hopeless about where you’re at in life, your relationship to your body/food, feeling behind in dating and love, wanting help to look more deeply at how your attachment can be impeding you from finding or having the love you really want, or feeling like your current career is not it, but feeling paralyzed to even begin to broach a change in that area, you may find solace in working with me.

I began my journey towards practicing psychotherapy eleven years ago when I earned my B.A in Applied Social Psychology. I completed my masters at Brooklyn College where I was trained in both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic Therapy. I served as a therapist at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where I trained in LGBTQ affirmative and trauma-informed therapy. I later became certified in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) at the Albert Ellis Institute. Today, I utilize a range of cutting edge frameworks, models, and tools to not just talk about creating the change you want, but to actually create it with you.

My treatment style is warm, engaged and empathetic from a sincere place. I believe in taking an active, collaborative approach so that we’re as efficient as possible. I will work with you to go at a pace that feels comfortable for you whether you’re interested in symptom reduction of anxiety, or processing emotional grief. My ultimate goal is to help you to create a life in total alignment with who you really are as we uncover your authentic self.

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