Senior Therapist

The deep magic of being alive is not devoid of suffering. I believe therapy can be a healing space to expand your relationship with yourself and develop a healthy sense of discernment. As a therapist, I make space for us to witness and understand multiple facets of your being. These include emotions, thoughts, and behaviors; your past, present and future selves; mind, body and soul. I respect that you are the only one who occupies your existence, and welcome your inner wisdom into our work. I work to cultivate a therapeutic space that is as fun and empowering as it is insightful and emotionally cathartic. I use a blend of somatic, emotional, cognitive and expressive arts methods to understand your experiences and facilitate psychological healing.

I hold an MA in Mental Health Counseling from NYU, with a dual degree in LGBTQ* affirming therapy. I am also trained in Expressive Arts-Based Therapy through a joint programme facilitated by Fortis Hospital in New Delhi and UNESCO CID (International Dance Council). In 2017, I founded a collaborative mental health advocacy project called ‘Okay; Not Okay’ in India. Visual art and storytelling were the foundations upon which I built these campaigns. The aim was to alleviate stigma and loneliness and make room for healthy conversations around mental health. My biggest take away was the significance of community and play in increasing access to healthcare. This also gave me the opportunity to share my observations on human relationships via two TEDx talks and join a global community of changemakers.

I am a queer Indian woman who also lives with chronic pain; living in such a body has contributed to my keen sense of humor as well as humble empathy. New York City is the fourth city in the third country I now call home. Cultural diversity and neurodivergence were a part of my lived experience long before they became a part of my vocabulary. I am intentional about this mix of identities and experiences informing my therapeutic philosophies. In addition to English, I am able to provide therapy in Tamil and Hindi.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me curled up with a book, dancing to a wide range of music, painting and collaging or being a plant out in the wild, delighting in Mother Nature.

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