Associate Therapist

I was born and raised in India, where I completed my undergraduate studies in psychology and biology and worked with several hospitals, mental health clinics, and non-profit organizations as an intern and observer. Through these experiences, I recognized that people’s perceptions and interpretations of events are influenced by their social and cultural context, and in order to work effectively with clients, it’s important to keep an open and non-judgmental stance. I believe multicultural competence is valuable in ensuring that my clients (from any background) don’t feel overlooked or misunderstood.

I believe in providing a safe space for clients to share their journeys, experiences, and struggles, and hope to act as a catalyst for invoking change by helping clients delve deeper into their thinking patterns, tendencies, and goals.

Working with South Asian clients, I recognized that many cultures struggle to find appropriate therapeutic interventions and models that value their collectivistic needs, family structures, and social responsibilities and I desire to make space for that whilst utilizing evidence-based modalities. My ultimate goal for my clients is to make them self-sufficient so that they can use the tools and techniques learned in therapy to tackle any challenges.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, playing badminton, and spending time with my friends and family! I am also a huge fan of board games and competitive sports.

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