Do you ever find yourself thinking, “What am I doing wrong? Why do I keep repeating the same mistakes?”. “Where am I going in life, and how can I know whether I am doing it right?”

We all experience different challenges in life, which can often lead to doubt in our ability to overcome them and reach our full potential. These doubts can be so paralyzing and can help create uncomfortable feelings that make the world seem a daunting and uncomfortable place. They can keep you in the past when trying to build a healthy future. I would love to accompany you on a journey of self-discovery and provide a place of safety, trust, and compassion.

I was born and raised in Belgium and moved to New York where I obtained a BA in Psychology & Communication and a Double Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Columbia University. I am especially interested in Neuroscience and its connection with psychology, which led me to pursue a minor in this field.

As a former college-level athlete, I appreciate first-hand the stressful, pressured demands surrounding attainment and performance. After spending most of my life traveling as well as living in three different countries, I have developed an understanding of assimilation and dissimilation, together with the challenges inherent in those experiences.

My goal in therapy is to build a safe environment free of judgment where you can feel heard and validated. I am committed to creating a space that encourages you to discover yourself, and challenges you to explore and embrace the unacknowledged. Together we will embark upon a growing process with the aim of leading a healthy, fulfilled life. I enjoy working with clients from varied backgrounds and, in particular, with people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, and multicultural issues (particularly assimilation and acculturation challenges). I am passionate about incorporating a harmonious, balanced approach between REBT and Gestalt techniques.

Being bi-lingual I can offer therapy in both French and English. When not in the office I spend time fostering rescue dogs and volunteering for a dog rescue organization.

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