Senior Therapist

I am so thankful for Scott's approach, he is empathetic, patient, and a great facilitator.

Therapy with Scott has changed my life for the better! He has given me the tools and mindset to get out of a long self-sabotaging rut.

He was a major source of improvement in the way we communicate. I cannot recommend him as a practitioner enough.

Before earning his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College, Scott Percelay completed his B.A. at The New School where he studied film and psychology. Scott believes stories are powerful tools that can lead to healing, growth, and discovery. In therapeutic practice, Scott works to empower all of his clients by meeting them with a deep sense of empathy and non-judgment. From a place of understanding, we can begin to write, rewrite, or change our stories and in turn find comfort and transformation.

Scott takes an integrative approach to therapy utilizing Person-Centered, Narrative, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques. Scott has experience helping clients with a range of topics including, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, self-esteem, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Scott is also passionate about social justice work engaging in continued learning around issues impacting LGBTQ+ communities. He currently sits on the panel of facilitators for (Re)Defining Power: Exploring the White Male Voice in Diversity Work, an annual conference with the goal of providing young white men with language and understanding to work with their communities in the fight for racial and gender equity and justice.

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